Can You Help Save Ambassadors?


It was one of the best programs the BBC had produced in recent years, but shortly after Christmas of 2013 the BBC went very quiet about the show’s future. Then in the summer of 2014 there were rumors the show may not return. Finally, last Christmas it was leaked to the press that the series had offended Prince Andrew, and William Hague had ‘banned tweets and talk about the show at the Foreign office’. Quite why they are so concerned what Mitchell & Webb are doing at the Foreign Office is frankly beyond me. The BBC insisted this had nothing to do with the decision not to continue with the show, but this wouldn’t be the fist time a Mitchell & Webb related project has been axed due to upsetting the Royals (see Blocked).

So if you would like to help the campaign to bring back ‘Ambassadors’ you can! Just complain to the BBC here:

You can also contact BBC Points of View:

Remember if just a few people do this it will really make a difference. ‘Ambassadors’ was an amazing show! It’s not too late to change things.

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