David to star in new Radio 4 sitcom: Time Spanner

Photograph by Amanda Benson

A new sitcom pilot for radio 4 written by Simon Kane (who wrote some of Mitchell and Webb’s classic sketches such as Asbo Zapprudder), and starring David alongside John Finnemore, London Hughes, Jermey Limb and Simon Kane himself will be recording on the 8th of June. Gareth Edwards is producing who has worked on many Mitchell and Webb projects and is currently the producer of ‘Upstart Crow’; So it seems this will have a very familiar Mitchell and Webb type feel to it.

The plot promises to stick to Simon Kane’s surrealist writing style, and the little information we have about the show tells us we have: “a comedy about time travel, an evil self-storage empire, a slightly defensive angel and something rather a lot like love at first sight”.

John Finnemore took to twitter to reveal a little bit more, he said:“It’s incredibly funny and strange and moving but especially funny.” He also revealed: “Simon has cast me as a dead dog.”

Other than this very little is known about ‘Time Spanner’, but with hints of the show being emotional it will certainly be a very interesting recording; I’m lucky enough to have tickets and I will plan to write up a spoiler free recording report, to give a bit more information about the show, and then hopefully the pilot will be broadcast in the not too distant future.

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