Upstart Crow to return for a second series + Christmas special


BBC2’s continuity announcer revealed at the end of the final episode of Upstart Crow that it will return for a second series! The Radio Times online then also confirmed a Christmas special. Both are quoted as airing in 2017, although it is not yet clear if the Christmas special will be for this Christmas, or the following Christmas in 2017. Some of the scripts seem to already have been written (or at least the stories are planned out). The Radio Times quotes that series two will: ‘include characters like Othello and Falstaff and plays like Henry V and The Taming of the Shrew.’



BBC controller of comedy commissioning Shane Allen said of the recommission: “What with the brilliant response to Ben’s re-imagination of Will Shakespeare’s world and the uniquely entertaining cast, it would be madness not to bring Upstart Crow back for a second series.”

Whilst Ben Elton said: “Making a sitcom for the BBC is the holy grail of British comedy writing. I am absolutely thrilled that Upstart Crow has earned a second series and am sorry for some of the things I thought about the Bard while studying for my English Lit O Level.”

David himself simply said he was ‘thrilled’ by the recommission.

Good news all round I say Mitchell fans!


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