David’s Observer Column this week: ‘The poor get poorer and the rich won’t admit it.’


Also here’s last week’s as I now realise I forgot to post it:


Support the campaign to get David Mitchell to host another Alternative Election Night

channel4_alternative_election_night_2015_bIn light of the announcement of the general election on June 8th, I’m rallying a campaign to get David Mitchell (preferably with Jeremy Paxman) to host another Alternative Election Night for Channel 4. David has hosted Channel 4’s election coverage for the past two elections so wouldn’t it be great to make it a third? 2015’s Alternative Election Night was particularly remarkable for beating Sky news and ITV’s coverage, being second only to the BBC in the ratings, so surely Channel four would be looking to emulate this success again?

If you want to help with the campaign tweet @4viewers and tag David as well so he can see the demand and fan support. No twitter? No problem, contact channel 4 viewer enquiries here: https://www.channel4.com/4viewers/contact-us

Here is some of the support in action on twitter:

Untitled-1.jpgOne comment elicited this response from Channel 4:


Let’s hope we can help to make this happen!