Back films in Stroud – Find out more about the show

$_12352.jpgDavid and Robert have been spotted all around Stroud today! Filming their brand new comedy drama and also taking time out to take pictures with fans. Here are some of the onset sightings as reported by the local news sites:

So what can we expect from Mitchell and Webb’s newest venture? Back (see what I did there) in October David announced that ‘Back’ a brand new sitcom/comedy drama starring himself and Robert Webb, and written by Simon Blackwell had been commissioned for Channel 4 for a full series and would be broadcast later this year. The pilot was filmed ‘back ‘in April 2016 (see what I did again there? Okay I’ll stop.) and here is all the information we have at the moment from the initial press release to the titbits that are being gleamed from the filming of the series in Stroud.


The plot follows Stephen Nicholls (played by David) a slightly downtrodden man who is the son of local legend Laurie Nicholls. After his father’s death Stephen inherits the family’s pub. His mother Ellen (played by Julia Deakin) who is described as being ‘bohemian’ and sister Cass (played by Louise Brealey) show little interest in making a go of it themselves being ‘creative’ and having ‘weed to buy and energy-centres to rebalance.’The cast picture also reveals a role for Geoffrey McGivern as  Laurie’s erratic brother Uncle Geoff.

David as Stephen

With his dad now dead, Stephen sees it as his big chance to shine. But when his charming and charismatic former foster-brother Andrew (played by Robert Webb) turns up out of the blue at Laurie’s funeral, Stephen’s plans go awry. Andrew is back, and keen to rejoin the closest thing he’s ever had to a family…Capture11111

Charismatic Andrew has lived in Sydney, Amsterdam, Chicago, the Loire valley and Berlin but crucially, spent five formative months in 1989 fostered by Laurie and Ellen as a 15-year-old. To Stephen, Andrew was just one of a string of 30-odd foster kids who he spent his childhood resenting. But Andrew remembers every single detail and sees that time as the most important of his life. Back’s IMDB page shows castings of Kai Alexander for a young Andrew and Dominic Creasey as Stephen which means we can perhaps expect flashback scenes to Mitchell and Webb’s characters as teenagers, but whether these castings were just for the pilot is not yet known.

Ellen loves Andrew. Cass loves Andrew. Uncle Geoff loves Andrew. But Stephen doesn’t love Andrew. He thinks he’s a glib, dangerous sociopath who’s about to steal his family, his business and his life.

Stephen with Alison

A leaked page of the pilot script also reveals the character Alison who we can assume is Stephen’s girlfriend. Stephen is divorced so there is also a possibility it could be his ex-wife.

Back is being made by Mitchell & Webb’s own production company That Mitchell & Webb Company in conjunction with Big Talk productions. It will be the first project they’ve made with their own production company since ‘Ambassadors’.

SR_5776_001     David Mitchell filming in Bedford Street
David Mitchell filming in Bedford Street

Channel 4’s Phil Clarke said of the show: “To have Mitchell & Webb and Simon Blackwell working together is a very exciting prospect. It’s a unique configuration of some seriously big comedy minds. Simon has written a very funny and clever script with a strong emotional heart that takes Robert Webb and David Mitchell in a new and genuinely intriguing direction.”

Which sounds very much like it will continue on the comedy drama route Mitchell & Webb were so great at in ‘Ambassadors’. With creatives on board from both ‘Ambassadors’ and ‘Peep Show’ we could be in for something very special.

Capture111 Kenton Allen from Big Talk Productions said: “Blackwell, Mitchell and Webb are some of the finest comedy minds I’ve ever encountered, a supergroup of incredibly witty individuals. The show was an absolute pleasure to develop with them and I only hope the audience will laugh as much when they see Back as I have when spending time with these masters of their craft.”

Simon Blackwell himself said: “It’s been a pleasure and a privilege to write for David and Robert again (after having previously written for Peep Show), and very exciting to be surrounded by such a superb cast, director and production team.”

David said ‘His (Simon Blackwell’s) writing is deep, dark, warm and funny – like a hot tub brimming with laughing gravy.’ Robert Webb added: “That sounds disgusting.”.

As ever I’ll keep updating the instagram and the site with more news about Back so stay tuned.

David Mitchell to host The Alternative Election Night 2017 With Jeremy Paxman


If you’ll remember soon after the election was called we began a little campaign of our own here at A Dose of David Mitchell…


It was thanks, in some part I am sure, to all your help that the good people at Channel 4 have indeed announced David and Jeremy will return for another election night, with Richard Osman and Kathy Newman once again in tow and other guests to be announced shortly. Previous guests included Henning Wehn, Aisling Bea and Romesh Ranganathan. The special will begin broadcasting at 10pm and continue throughout the night until the early hours, more information can be found here:

Shortly after the announcement I received a tweet from @4viewers (C4’s viewer enquiry twitter feed). ‘We told you we’d put it in our suggestion box.’ It said. Proof if ever it were needed that a little bit of fan support does indeed go a long way. Thanks guys.