A little more about ‘Bring It On’ and ‘Back’

cropped-p967418588-51.jpgA few more details about ‘Bring it On’ have emerged. The show will apparently be a panel show of sorts with Hugh Dennis, Tom Allen and Angela Barnes being the guests for the pilot episode which will be trialled at The Leicester Square Theatre on the 25th July. Tickets are available here if you want to come along:


On a side note tickets are also available for WILTY? on there so get applying Mitchell fans!

Every audience member must bring an object. SRO’s press release says:

‘Showcasing everything from regrettable impulse buys to embarrassing family photos, inappropriate gifts to toe curling teenage love letters or even baffling family heirlooms to hideous items of clothing, the format combines the curiosity of the Antiques Roadshow with the spontaneous wit of Mock the Week. There’ll even be a cash prize for the best item on the night!’

So it appears to be a panel show with a bit of a gameshow twist. We still don’t know what TV channel this is being piloted for but we can probably assume it is TV.


Meanwhile Mitchell and Webb are still filming back. Robert Webb said the pair were on a night shoot yesterday and we have a few new names joining the cast such as Louise Brealey as Cass. We also have a set date for autumn. Not dates yet for Upstart Crow.

David Mitchell to host new comedy show Bring It On

David will host a new audience participation pilot show called ‘Bring It On’. Described as Mock the Week meets Antique’s Roadshow every audience member is encouraged to bring along a quirky possession with an interesting story behind it. Below is a link to the full story on The British Comedy Guide although we don’t know yet which channel this pilot is being made for or indeed if it is for TV or Radio.k2oovamrx5dmvk2mtvlc:


Tickets are available here so get your thinking caps on as to what you might want to showcase:


Support the Campaign to get David and Jeremy to host a political show for C4

vlcsnap-2017-06-13-00h22m21s197.pngAfter the success of Thursday’s Alternative Election Night talk amongst David Mitchell fans has signalled that we are really missing a wry, witty and informed take on the current bizarre – and ripe for satire, political landscape. We feel a David Mitchell and Jeremy Paxman lead weekly news show may be the only solution to help us make sense of it all. After the marathon broadcast I found myself thinking: ‘I wonder what David and Jeremy would be saying about all of this now?’

After 10 0’clock Live came to an end C4’s only satire comes from The Last Leg, unquestionably a great show, but also primarily a chat show. There is a gap in the market for a full on political analysis show for Channel 4. That’s why I want us to try and make this happen!

We can do this by tweeting C4’s @4viewers twitter feed telling them what we want which is roughly this:

@4viewers After the Election Night I’d love David Mitchell and Jeremy Paxman to host some sort of weekly political show!

Tweet @4viewers here: https://twitter.com/4Viewers?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

Another more in depth way is to contact them via their website here:


Remember your tweet or message to channel 4 may make all the difference. Thanks, and as always stay tuned for updates.