Support the Campaign to get David and Jeremy to host a political show for C4

vlcsnap-2017-06-13-00h22m21s197.pngAfter the success of Thursday’s Alternative Election Night talk amongst David Mitchell fans has signalled that we are really missing a wry, witty and informed take on the current bizarre – and ripe for satire, political landscape. We feel a David Mitchell and Jeremy Paxman lead weekly news show may be the only solution to help us make sense of it all. After the marathon broadcast I found myself thinking: ‘I wonder what David and Jeremy would be saying about all of this now?’

After 10 0’clock Live came to an end C4’s only satire comes from The Last Leg, unquestionably a great show, but also primarily a chat show. There is a gap in the market for a full on political analysis show for Channel 4. That’s why I want us to try and make this happen!

We can do this by tweeting C4’s @4viewers twitter feed telling them what we want which is roughly this:

@4viewers After the Election Night I’d love David Mitchell and Jeremy Paxman to host some sort of weekly political show!

Tweet @4viewers here:

Another more in depth way is to contact them via their website here:

Remember your tweet or message to channel 4 may make all the difference. Thanks, and as always stay tuned for updates.

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