‘Back To The Bard’ – Upstart Crow press clippings

Next week’s TV guides reveal a bit about the new series of Upstart Crow, including a very interesting tidbit about a possible future cameo by Robert Webb and an interesting article by Ben Elton in the Radio Times. You can read them below:

IMG_20170905_0005IMG_20170905_0004IMG_20170905_0001IMG_20170905_0001 (2)

Meanwhile in other David Mitchell themed news people have been talking about David confirming a new series of Peep Show today. This is misleading at best. David has said exactly the same thing Mitchell and Webb were saying back in 2015 when they were doing press interviews for the last series of Peep Show: The show will possibly return in ten years or more to revisit the characters in an older guise. So there are no plans for an immediate return of Peep Show as some online articles have implied.

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