Join the campaign for The C4 Alternative Election Night 2019

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In these troubled times who can we count on to tell it like it is? Let’s face it we need David Mitchell and Jeremy Paxman to make sense of this latest twist in the continuing Brexit drama – we need an Alternative Election Night. Even though it’s short notice, I’m asking you to join the campaign to make this happen.

Back in 2017 we ran a campaign to bring back The Alternative Election Night after the success of the previous one in 2015. Due to the fact it was a snap general election we were worried C4 wouldn’t be able to pull it together in time, but despite the short notice they did. The coverage beat ITV and Sky’s in the ratings! But, now it’s even shorter notice, time is of the essence, so here’s what we need you to do…

Send @4viewers a tweet and tell them we need The Alternative Election Night back with David Mitchell and Jeremy Paxman hosting.

If you’re not on twitter, or just fancy some more formal correspondence then send Channel 4 a message here –

Last time about 50 people sent in tweets to @4Viewers and they replied to every one. It’s worth doing if you have a minute and want to help the fan site out. Thank you!

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