The ‘A Dose of David Mitchell’ Fan Interviews – Meet Nikki

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Twitter handle: @80sretro215

What you do? Or what you love to do? I’m a Lab Tech who loves books, music (listening & playing instruments), movies, plays, writing poetry, sketch drawing, cooking & baking.

The moment that you realised you were a David Mitchell fan? The first time I saw Peep Show. The way David & Robert played off each other was comedy gold. The comedic timing was impeccable.


Your favourite David Mitchell show? I’d have to say Peep Show because that’s when I became a huge fan.

Favourite Mitchell & Webb sketch: There’s so many to choose from (The Situation, The Sound & The Look), but if I’d have to choose a favourite I’d be “Erotic Massage” from “The Look.” When Robert gives David a massage, he appears to be a bit uncomfortable & corpsing at the same time.

Favourite Mitchell & Webb scene/moment? There’s so many to choose from, but my favourite scene would be from “Back” when Stephen confronts Andrew about maiming a child in France. It’s drama with a touch of comedy.

Stephen confronts Andrew in Back

As for favourite moment, so many to choose from (& yes I’ll be saying this a lot). It’s a toss up between “Was It Something I Said? when Robert kind of offends Charles Dance about his age & WILTY? when in Series 2 Episode 1 during the “This Is My” round, Robert was asked “What did he learn from the relationship in 1991?” Roberts response was “To try to form relationships that are based more on just sex & drinking.” David responses “So you say you learned this is 1991?” Everyone laughs including Robert. Priceless moment!

Favourite Mitchell & Webb deep cut? I’d say “The Bleak Old Shop Of Stuff.” But, I do love “The Smoking Room.” There’s also a pilot Robert did called “Our Ex Wife” that I thought was quite good, too!

The 2011/2012 Sitcom The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff

Favourite Peep Show episode? These questions are so difficult because there’s so many to choose from (see I told you I would say that again). Since I have to choose, I’ll say one that no one else would say. Series 9 Episode 3 (Threeism) because the banter in the opening scene between Robert & David still makes me laugh no matter how many times I view it.

Favourite Peep Show character? Jeremy because he’s such a shit!

Favourite Peep Show line? “I’m eating a fruit corner, Jeremy!” David’s delivery of the line still makes me laugh (along with his facial expression).

Favourite Upstart Crow episode? I’m torn between the two Christmas specials.

Favourite Upstart Crow character? Why, Will Shakespeare, of course!


Favourite: Upstart Crow line? Kate’s line in ‘Lord What Fools these Mortals be’ – “Tis is if I see thee for the first time. MY BOTTOM! Come embrace MY BOTTOM! Kiss My BOTTOM! Caress, Cuddle & Delight MY BOTTOM!” Will then hastily adds “Bottom’s his name!”

Favourite Wilty? moment? When Lee Mack initially fooled everyone, especially David, about being invited to Harry & Meghan’s wedding. The look of disappointment on David’s face is priceless. Then, when Lee tells the truth, the sheer relief on David’s face is also priceless.

Favourite Wilty? guest? My favourite WILTY? episode would probably be Series 5 Episode 1 with Miranda Hart (The Jumper Episode), but I also love the Series 10 Episode 1 with Martin Kemp (The Blow Up Toy Episode). What makes it so funny is becuase David Haye continues to ask the question, “So, how long…?” My favourite guest would probably be Bob Mortimer. Shocking, eh?

Favourite David Mitchell rant? David did a rant about America in his Soapbox series on YouTube. So, I’ll choose that one. God, there’s so many rants!

Favourite David Mitchell quote? When David was on “The Big Narstie Show,” David was given the mic to spit some bars, but he stated “He had a note from his wife & would not be participating in the closing bars on this episode.” Cracks me up every time.

Your Numberwang number? Twentington or Filthhundredandneem.

Favourite That Mitchell and Webb Sound sketch? Asbo Zapruder.

Do you think Andrew is really evil in Back? What do you think will happen in the end? I don’t believe Andrew’s evil, but I do believe he has an ulterior motive. What could that motive be? Not quite sure. I do believe he’s desperately seeking praise & approval. Has a bit of hero syndrome in his persona.

Are you more like Mark, Jez or Super Hans? I’m a bit of Mark & Jez. A bit smart, responsible, not too confident, avid reader, not into booze, tobacco or drugs, but I love music & people say I’m a pretty cool dresser (tee shirts, jeans, trainers, army jacket).

Your favourite character in the entire Mitchell & Webb extended universe? So many, but I’m going to say Jedrington (Robert Webb) in The Bleak Old Shop Of Stuff.

What are your Other favourite comedies and/or comedians? Comedies: Only Fools & Horses, Chef, Desmond’s, Miranda, Open All Hours, just to name a few! Comedians: There’s so many, but Robert & David are tops on my list!

David Jason & Ronnie Barker in Open All Hours

The twitter pages you’d love to recommend: Here’s a few: @DobbyClub06, @PodcatsPharaohs, @mitchell_webb, @doseofdavidm (obviously), @ruleofthreepod, @RealDMitchell (of course) & @arobertwebb (of course).

Your favourite movie: I’m obsessed with the 80’s, so you can’t go wrong for me starting with that decade.

Your Favourite Book: I really don’t have a favourite book. I’m into many genres. It just has to grab me from page one!

Some of Nikki’s Mitchell & Webb DVD Archive

Thank you for sharing your Mitchell & Webb Favourites with us Nikki!


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