The ‘A Dose of David Mitchell’ Fan Interviews – Meet Leah

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Twitter handle: @leahcksmith

What do you do? Or what do you love to do?

I am a literature and film student who enjoys reading and writing about all kinds of interesting and funny things. I also love procrastinating in front of TV shows, particularly sitcoms.

The moment that you realised you were a David Mitchell fan?

Hmm, I don’t think I would be answering the right questionnaire if I said I don’t know. I think I just sort of gradually realised how funny he is when I started watching Would I Lie to You? (first thing I saw him in) and when I was looking up his TV appearances on YouTube, that’s when I knew.


Your favourite David Mitchell show?

Difficult question… I’m tempted to say Would I Lie to You because he’s brilliant in that, so in terms of panel shows definitely that. In terms of sitcoms, probably Peep Show. His character, Mark, is just so wonderfully absurd, and he has the best rants.

Favourite Mitchell & Webb sketch: “The Green Clarinet”, is that the official name of the sketch? There are so many, but for some reason that one sticks in my mind. I love the idea of it, the piper’s silly costume, Olivia Colman, the ominous clarinet music that plays when David’s character misuses his power, and the way it all escalates is just really funny to me. But otherwise, “are we the baddies” and “the football” are also classics, as are many more.

Favourite Mitchell & Webb scene/moment?

It has to be the final Holmes and Watson sketch, I think. As many have said, it is a rare moment which balances humour with sadness especially well. It starts as sort of a funny premise with some good jokes but ends really heartbreakingly with Holmes’s confession and Watson’s reaction is really painful to watch. It’s really well acted and was an interesting way to end the Mitchell & Webb sketch show.

Favourite Mitchell & Webb deep cut? Was It Something I Said? I thought David was a great host.

Favourite Peep Show episode?

I think “Seasonal Beatings” in series 7, because it has many standout funny moments (no turkey!) and it also ends with Mark standing up to his father.

Favourite Peep Show character?

Dobby, I think. She’s pretty cool and for a while I thought she had a good dynamic with Mark.

Favourite Peep Show line?

I’m so bad at remembering lines but probably every line written in the show!

Favourite Upstart Crow episode?

“Go on and I Will Follow”

Favourite Upstart Crow character?

Kate, because she’s a boss. I also think Shakespeare’s daughter Susanna is pretty funny.

Upstart Crow - Generics

Favourite Wilty? moment?

When David realises Chris Rea did not in fact tell Bob Mortimer to put an egg in his bath and laughs merrily in the face of utter chaos.

Favourite Wilty? guest?

Any episode with Bob Mortimer to be honest.

Favourite David Mitchell rant?

“get to the point is not an exhortation you can fairly make during a parlour game! There is no point, this is a pointless exercise and we are whiling away our finite time before the grave.”

Favourite David Mitchell quote?

“the world is full of people trying to make people who don’t wanna dance, dance.” (if I extended the quote it would actually be another rant haha)

Your Numberwang number? Hmm tweighty-thrive

Do you think Andrew is really evil in Back? What do you think will happen in the end?

I think he is, I just find him very shady. But I find this show very unpredictable, so I can’t really imagine what will happen in the end – which is why I’m super excited to find out!

Are you more like Mark, Jez or Super Hans?

Probably Mark, because I overthink a lot and also feel permanently guilty about my existence.


Your favourite character in the entire Mitchell & Webb extended universe?

Probably the magic clarinet from that Mitchell & Webb sketch because it makes people admit they wet the bed until they were twelve and that sort of thing.

What are your Other favourite comedies and/or comedians?

Some other comedians I like include Lee Mack, Diane Morgan, Ricky Gervais and also YouTube comedians like Dan Howell. Other favourite sitcoms are The Office, Miranda and french sitcom Call my Agent, and big ones like Scrubs, Parks & Rec, Brooklyn 99 and The Good Place.


The twitter pages you’d love to recommend: @Kermodemovie for film content , @SparkNotes and @Drunk_Austen for literature content , and @AlexTheHonk for birb content

Your Favourite TV Shows: Doctor Who, Scrubs, Supernatural, The Good Place


Your favourite movie: Hot Fuzz, Mamma Mia, School of Rock, Groundhog Day, Bridget Jones’s Diary (technically quite a few favourite movies)

Your Favourite Book: Harry Potter series, Matilda, Good Omens (choices are hard!)

Thank you for sharing your favourites with us Leah!



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