The David Mitchell Fan Interviews – Meet Angela

Twitter handle: @OldershawAngela

What you do? Or what you love to do? I Love to dance to BTS –Haha!

The moment that you realised you were a David Mitchell fan? The second that Peep Show started!


Your favourite David Mitchell show? Peep Show

Favourite Mitchell & Webb sketch: The ‘newsletter’ – when Rob reads out his mate’s ‘married with kids’ annual round robin and David makes him feel bad.

Favourite Peep Show episode? The very first – Mark is so pitiful.


Favourite Peep Show character? Jeremy

Favourite Peep Show line? “He’s done something there – like real music’ when Jeremy listens to the demo.

Favourite Upstart Crow episode? The first Christmas special.


Favourite Upstart Crow character? William of course

Favourite: Upstart Crow line? Anything with ‘futtocking’

Favourite Wilty? moment? David voting TRUE to Chris Rea’s egg

Favourite Wilty? guest? Bob Mortimer

Favourite David Mitchell rant? The sausage rolls!

Favourite David Mitchell quote? “This is my chance to be a proper human being.”

Your Numberwang number?  7

Favourite That Mitchell and Webb Sound sketch? The cash registers

Are you more like Mark, Jez or Super Hans? Jeremy

Your favourite character in the entire Mitchell & Webb extended universe? Dry Super Hans in Smoothie mode.


What are your Other favourite comedies and/or comedians? Moone Boy.


The twitter pages you’d love to recommend: @wayhomeproject

Your Favourite TV Shows: all kdrama – My Love from the Star, Encounter, Descendants of the Sun.

Your favourite movie: The Big Lebowski

Your Favourite Book: Dracula

Thanks again for contributing!

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