Brydon, Mack and Mitchell tickets for Reading


Join David, Lee and Rob as they launch their tour! As we’ve heard from Lee Mack the gang are planning a tour in 2018/19 and are doing a number of warm up shows. This one will almost certainly be the first, at The Hexagon Theatre in Reading on the 30th of October. Tickets are going on sale at 10am tomorrow, that’s Wednesday 23rd. More details here:


Back Trailer

First_look_at_the_cast_of_Mitchell_and_Webb_s_new_comedy_Back.jpgIt’s time to get excited Mitchell and Webb fans because the El Dude Brothers are here again…

We don’t know which Wednesday Channel 4 are referring to so keep your eyes peeled for this trailer across their networks…

I will try and embed a video of the trailer as soon as possible, for now here is a link to the trailer on the Radio Times website.

WILTY? Series 11 Line Up

would_i_lie_to_you.jpgHere’s the full line up for the new series of Would I Lie To You? which will likely be on TV in the coming months, but there’s no date yet.

Episode Recording date David’s team Lee’s team Scores
11×01 9 July 2017[3] Nish Kumar and Joe Lycett Nikki Fox and Miles Jupp TBA
11×02 11 July 2017[4] David Baddiel and Kimberly Wyatt Ed Balls and Jo Brand TBA
11×03 13 July 2017[5] Melvin Odoom and Fay Ripley James Acaster and Gabby Logan TBA
11×04 15 July 2017[6] Claude Littner and Jordan Stephens Ade Edmondson and Cariad Lloyd TBA
11×05 18 July 2017[7] Susie Dent and Stacey Solomon Bob Mortimer and Ore Oduba TBA
11×06 20 July 2017[8] Richard Osman and Katherine Ryan Denise Lewis and Judge Rinder TBA
11×07 24 July 2017[8] Sheila Hancock and Stephen Mangan Mark Bonnar and Anita Rani TBA
11×08 26 July 2017[8] Craig Parkinson and Claudia Winkleman Steve Davis and Sara Pascoe TBA
11×09 28 July 2017[fn 9][9] Henry Blofeld and The Rev. Richard Coles Kerry Howard and Clive Myrie TBA

In other David Mitchell related news a trailer for a new movie ‘Gun Shy’ has just appeared online. Apparently this is the new title for ‘Salty’, the movie David filmed for last November. He appears for a split second holding up a tray in this trailer so see if you can spot him:


Robert Webb’s ‘How Not To Be A Boy’ tour

Robert Webb’s new teenage memoir is released on the 29th August and you can go and see him talk about it live! Tour dates are in the link below:


No doubt some of Robert and David’s teenage adventures will be documented. In other news here’s David’s Observer column that I apparently forgot to post last week:

David’s new pilot: Bring It On – What’s it all about?

david456.PNGLast night at the Leicester Square Theatre David, Hugh Dennis, Tom Allen, Angela Barnes and Ed Gamble recorded a new pilot produced by Mock The Week producer Dan Patterson. ‘Bring It On’ invited people to bring anything along to the recording with a story attached. Last night’s overall winner was a man who had attempted to clean yoghurt off his top on a date which eventually resulted in him burning a hole in it. There were various rounds with categories such as ‘Embarrassing dating stories’ or ‘regrettable purchases’ and with each of these the panel would offer up alternative embarrassing items of their own. It would be up to David to decide if the audience or the panel had won the round. The recording included an interval which made me wonder which TV channel this show might be for. At the end was an ‘Auction of Weirdness’ David and the gang would wander through the audience trying to decide on the weirdest item there. David  eventually decided a tupperware full of air from the day a couple had married 30 years ago won this round.

I thought it was a very funny show and was extremely well received by everyone there. We can only hope that Bring It On will make it to TV in the future.

Tickets for The Unbelievable Truth now available.

p01gn4jt.jpgTickets have just been released for The Unbelievable Truth.  The dates are the 12th, 14th and 26th of September, and are available here at Lost In Tv:

When we have the details of the guests we will list them here.

Tickets for David’s brand new panel show pilot – ‘Bring It On’ are also available as are some WILTY? dates via SRO Audiences:


A little more about ‘Bring It On’ and ‘Back’

cropped-p967418588-51.jpgA few more details about ‘Bring it On’ have emerged. The show will apparently be a panel show of sorts with Hugh Dennis, Tom Allen and Angela Barnes being the guests for the pilot episode which will be trialled at The Leicester Square Theatre on the 25th July. Tickets are available here if you want to come along:

On a side note tickets are also available for WILTY? on there so get applying Mitchell fans!

Every audience member must bring an object. SRO’s press release says:

‘Showcasing everything from regrettable impulse buys to embarrassing family photos, inappropriate gifts to toe curling teenage love letters or even baffling family heirlooms to hideous items of clothing, the format combines the curiosity of the Antiques Roadshow with the spontaneous wit of Mock the Week. There’ll even be a cash prize for the best item on the night!’

So it appears to be a panel show with a bit of a gameshow twist. We still don’t know what TV channel this is being piloted for but we can probably assume it is TV.


Meanwhile Mitchell and Webb are still filming back. Robert Webb said the pair were on a night shoot yesterday and we have a few new names joining the cast such as Louise Brealey as Cass. We also have a set date for autumn. Not dates yet for Upstart Crow.