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The long awaited sitcom Upstart Crow starring David Mitchell will begin on Friday 6th May. © BBC / Colin Hutton The sitcom, commissioned as part of the BBC’s celebrations surrounding the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, marks Ben Elton’s return to historical sitcom 25 years after the final series of Blackadder, and…

BBC Shakespeare Festival: Upstart Crow Promotional Pictures

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Upstart Crow - Generics

The BBC has today released the first promotional picture of David Mitchell as William Shakespeare in Ben Elton’s new BBC 2 sitcom Upstart Crow. The first episode will be broadcast on Monday the 9th of May on BBC Two from 10:00pm to 10:30pm as part of the BBC’s Shakespeare festival, described by BBC 2’s controller as a “wonderfully witty new show”.

It’s 1592 and Will Shakespeare is just at the beginning of his extraordinary career. The series will focus on both Will’s family and professional life and include the surprising stories of where many of his ideas came from. Also featured are his wife Anne and his extended family, his servant Bottom, his friends Kate and Marlowe, his theatrical troupe, and his rival Robert Greene.

In the series, Will finds inspiration for Romeo from an unlikely source; mislays a nearly treasonous masterpiece; gets tricked into a very embarrassing pair of…

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Sitcom filming is confirmed as ‘Back’



More pictures from the sitcom David was filming today in Stroud which has now been confirmed as ‘Back’ for Channel 4.

Back with David Mitchell in Stroud (20)
Actor and TV personality David Mitchell filming in Stroud town centre today, in a scene with actress Olivia Poulet, for the pilot of a new comedy series for Channel Four. Photo by Andrew Higgins 19-04-16

Somebody has even managed to grab a picture of  a page of the script from which we can gleam he is called Stephen.