The British Comedy Guide Awards shortlist vote – Upstart Crow, The Unbelievable Truth and WILTY?

Upstart Crow - GenericsThe British Comedy Guide revealed it’s shortlist today and I’m pleased to say that all David Mitchell associated shows not only made the shortlist but are also up for the prestigious title – Comedy of The Year. Although it’s really tough to say which David Mitchell show to get behind I feel we should all rally around Upstart Crow for the title as WILTY? and The Unbelievable Truth have already cemented themselves as BBC flagship shows. Click the link below to vote for these and all your other favorite comedy shows of the year that have made it through:

New year news roundup – Upstart Crow, Back, Salty and Time Spanner

Details about the plots in Series 2 of Upstart Crow have begun emerging. One episode will feature Marlowe taking Will on a spying mission where he meets the two gentlemen of Verona. Another will feature the play Othello as Will has dealings with a Nigerian businessman. Then he will attempt to tame a girl who may be a little shrewish. We will also find out how Will originally imagined Twelfth Night as Eighth Night. There’s  a Christmas Special being filmed for Christmas 2017.


Back will be filmed in Spring 2017 with an autumn/winter TV premier most likely. It will feature the tempestuous relationship of Stephen Nicholls (David) and his long lost foster brother Andrew (Robert Webb) for more  information about ‘Back’ see our post on it here:

David’s other big project is the recently filmed movie ‘Salty’ which is supposed to be on at the cinema in March. The story is co-adapted by long time Mitchell and Webb contributor Toby Davies from the book of the same name. The story follows Antonio Banderas as an aging rocker and reformed sex addict Turk Enry. Described as “The Hangover meets Spinal Tap” Turk’s wife is  abducted by a group of renegade ship-less buccaneers while on an exotic luxury holiday. David plays  John Hardigger Turk’s manager and below we can see images of David filming in Slantsy, Tambovskaya Oblast’in Russia and also in Maidenhead, UK.


Our final bit of new year news is the forthcoming pilot: Time Spanner which will be on air this Saturday at 4:30 on Radio 4 as part of a bumper pack of pilots airing all day:Time Spanner.JPG

A mind-bending time-travelling comic adventure which sees Martin Gay’s 40th birthday disrupted by two very important moments: one is meeting Gabbie, the girl of his dreams who he might possibly have just said totally the wrong thing to; and the other is being forced at gunpoint through a supernatural mirror into a world of angels, robots and the most powerful tool in the universe, the Time Spanner, which gives the holder the power to span time.

Will Martin use the time spanner to save humanity from destruction? Or will he use it to try and make sure Gabbie doesn’t think he’s an idiot?

Written by and starring Simon Kane as Martin Gay, narrated by John Finnemore as Laika the space dog, and starring David Mitchell as billionaire occultist Daniel Kraken, London Hughes as disconcertingly optimistic charity worker Gabbie, Jeremy Limb as the world’s most irritating robot and Belinda Stewart-Wilson as the Angel.

I was at the recording back in June and I think it’s fantastic so fingers crossed for a full series commission. As ever keep it here for all your David Mitchell and co news and have a very happy new year!