Upstart Crow Series 3 TV Guides Round-Up

As is traditional I’ve gone round buying up all the TV guides to show you the features, pictures and little titbits of information all about Upstart Crow. Here they are:

IMG_20180821_0001 (12).jpgIMG_20180821_0001 (9)IMG_20180821_0001 (8)IMG_20180821_0001 (7)

IMG_20180821_0001 (6)
‘Wildy annoying studio audience laughter’? Thanks a lot RT. As we comedy lovers all know (with experience of years of going to all manner of TV recordings), studio audience laughter is recorded live on the night. Recordings for a half hour show will run for 3 hours and this laughter will be mixed from all manner of takes. Most of the time the laughter will be turned down from how it would sound if the raw live mix was broadcast. The idea of Upstart Crow’s laughter being ‘too loud’ was a rumour the Radio Times has perpetuated since the first series, it’s rubbish. Listen to ‘Blackadder’ and ‘Only Fool’s and Horses’ or more recent comedies such as ‘Count Arthur Strong’ or ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’ and listen for that laugh track, it’s identical. Studio audience laughter and the recordings it comes from are wonderful things. Let’s stop perpetuating the myth of ‘canned laughter’ and get on with appreciating all forms of comedy. 

IMG_20180821_0001 (4)


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