Outsiders annouced for Dave + Vote for Back in The 2021 TV Choice Awards

Outsiders is a brand-new game show for Dave hosted by David Mitchell. David, says:

“Civilisation is clearly crumbling so it’s high time we worked out whether we can cope without it. And if you can think of a better way of doing that than making six comedians learn survival skills, then you weren’t involved in the development process of this programme.”

There’s more information about the new series here: https://www.comedy.co.uk/tv/news/6347/david-mitchell-hosts-outsiders/

In other news, Back is nominated in the TV Choice Awards long-list. It would be fantastic if you could take the time to give it a vote here: https://awards.tvchoicemagazine.co.uk/vote?utm_campaign=TVCA2021longlist&utm_content=Micrositehomepage&utm_medium=bws&utm_source=dynamic

Many thanks Mitchell fans!

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